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I'm a gamer whose aspirations will hopefully lead me to a career in journalism.

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When it comes to gaming, I like to bring out the big gunsHi there!  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Chris and I'm the Video and Feature Producer for 4Player Network.  I am 27 years old and am currently a resident of Austin, Texas, the live music capital of the world.

Though my status in the industry is minimal at best, I'd like to one day become a writer for a major video game publication or website and fufill my wish of becoming a full-fledged journalist.

When it comes to gaming I like to think of myself as a hardcore one with a heavy interest in shooters and the occassional RPG.

Unintentional pun for the win.

You can find me all over the internet using the same name: Slackerchan.  I got the name from a girl I liked when I was in high school and, well, it kinda stuck.

Check me out on Xbox Live and be sure to check out the articles and videos I'll be posting in the future.